Boombah Sports Complex Policies

Boombah Sports Complex Policies

We are excited for this weekends USSSA Sunshine State Super NIT at the Boombah Sports Complex in Sanford, FL. Please keep in mind the following while attending this event:

  1. GATE FEE: There will be a daily $10 CASH ONLY gate fee per spectator (ages 13 and older). Players in uniform and children under 12 are FREE.
  2. COACHES SIGN IN: We will have a sign in book at each gate that will allow a total of three (3) coaches per team to sign in each day. Once three (3) coaches have signed in, the other coaches will need to purchase a wristband to enter the facility. Please decide in advance which three (3) coaches will sign in if you have more than three (3).
  4. SUNFLOWER SEEDS, PEANUTS, NUTS OF ANY KIND, GUM, AND TOBACCO of any kind ARE NOT ALLOWED AT THE COMPLEX. This policy is for both players, coaches and spectators. Failure to comply with the no seeds, nuts, or gum policy could result in removal from the park.
  5. Alchol: Alcohol is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and can result in REMOVAL from the parks and/or suspension.
  6. Coolers: Personal coolers are not allowed in the park. Players can enter with small personal water jugs and keep them in the dugout.
  7. MUSIC (Walk Up and Warm Up): per Seminole County, speakers of any kind are NO LONGER PERMITTED within the complex.
  8. Horns and/or Artificial Noise Makers: of any kind are banned from all Florida USSSA events.
  9. Parents are not to argue with, yell at, belittle, taunt, or cuss at our tournament officials (i.e. umpires and tournament staff). Managers on the field are the only ones that are to have discussions regarding the game on the field with the umpires. If you are asked to leave, refusal to do so can result in a stoppage of the game and possible forfeiture of the game, possible removal of the disruptive parents PLAYER, and removal of your team from the tournament.
  10. Spectators are to refrain from arguing with the other team’s spectators. This almost always escalates and is never good for your young players to witness. This behavior can also result in being asked to leave the park (ejection).

Thank you for understanding and hope you have an enjoyable time.

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