USSSA Roster Rules

USSSA Roster Rules



Players rostered on one team may not be rostered on any other team in the USSSA system for any reason, regardless of age or classification. Teams that change the spelling of a player or the date of birth are subject to disciplinary action, including, but not limited to suspension.
Any player that is dropped from a roster, may not be returned to that same roster that season unless approved by the Florida State Director. Players that are dropped for the purpose of guest playing for another team will be prohibited from returning to their previous roster. The guest player portal is the only acceptable way to have a player guest play for another team.
Once a player is rostered on a AAA or Majors team, they will need state director approval to be rostered on a lower classification team. For example, during the season, a player on a AAA team that is dropped and wants to move to a AA classified team will need state director approval.
Players are not allowed to play for two different teams in the same week or weekend in any age group or classificationfor any reason.
In Florida, new players that require State Director approval MUST have the request in no later than 5:00PM on the Friday before the event. IF the event starts before Friday, the request MUST be submitted by 5:00 the day before the event starts.



Players are eligible to be added to a roster as a guest player as long as they meet ALL of the following requirements:

1. The player MUST be rostered on another team’s roster in order to qualify to be a guest player..
2. The player MUST NOT be rostered on a higher classification roster (i.e. AAA and Majors players cannot guest play for a AA team and a Majors player cannot guest play on a AAA roster).
3. A player that is guest playing for a team and his full time team is also playing in an event the same week MUST be “DEACTIVATED” on their full time roster for that week using the “DEACTIVATE” button in the guest player portal.
4. Guest players MUST be added before midnight on the night before the start of the event.


The claim of lack of knowledge or understanding is not acceptable as a reason for roster and guest player violations.. It is the manager’s responsibility to know and understand ALL USSSA ROSTER RULES. The onus of responsibility falls 100% on the team manager.


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