Ejection Policy: ALL Ages:

Any manager, coach, or parent that is ejected for ANY
reason from a game in a Florida USSSA Baseball sanctioned event will automatically be disqualified for their next scheduled game in that event. Florida USSSA Baseball still reserves the right to suspend for longer depending on the severity of the occurrence.

Rosters:ALL Ages:

Please verify that your rosters are up to date. All players must be online and eligible prior to your first game of the event. The “Guest Player” feature will close at 11:59 the evening prior to the event. All teams must have a copy of each player’s birth certificate on hand in case of protest. Digital images will NOT be accepted

Time Limits:

8u-1 hour and 15 minutes (1:15)

9u-12u -1 hour and 40 minutes (1:40)

13u-14u- 1 Hour and 50 minutes (1:50)


**All time limits CAN be modified by a tournament official**



Important Rules Reminder

Approved Line-Ups (9u – 14u):
7.02.D.1 Teams may bat a nine (9) player line-up, or a nine (9) player line-up with a Designated

Hitter (DH), or a ten (10) player line-up with an Extra Hitter (EH), or a 10 player line-up with a DH and EH, or a continuous line-up of all present, eligible, uniformed players. Such line-up must be declared before the start of the game and used the entire game.

Pitching Limits

Maximum innings in 1 day is 6 innings (18 outs) 9u-12u
Maximum innings in 1 day is 7 innings (21 outs) 13-14u
Maximum innings in 3 days is 8 innings (24 outs).9u-14u

Any pitcher that pitches more than 3 innings (9 outs) in one day must rest the next day
A pitcher (starter or reliever) once removed from the mound may NOT return to the pitching position for the remainder of the game

Pool play games CAN end in a tie

Bracket play, CANNOT end in a tie!

At the end of the time limit or last inning, whichever comes first, the last batted out of the previous inning will be placed on 2nd base with NO OUTS. This will continue until there is a winner (Universal Tie-Breaker).




Pitching Rules Important Reminder

1. You can never pitch more than 3 days in a row.
2. You can never pitch more than 6 innings in a day for 9u-12u and 7 innings  in a day for 13u and 14U
3. If you pitch more than 3 innings in a day, you must rest the next day.
4. There is an 8 innings max for three days for all ages. Remember, you must always look back 2 days from the current day to check on the 8 Inning max.
5. An out has to be recorded before a pitcher is in violation of any pitching rules. 6. A day of rest does not reset pitching

Examples that apply to all ages 14 and below:

1. Day 1: 3innings, Day 2: 0 Innings, Day 3 max is 5 innings.
2. Day 1: 1 inning, Day 2: 1/3inning, Day3: 2-1/3 inning, Day 4 player can’t pitch because would be 4th day in a row. Day 5: max of 5-2/3.
3. Day 1: 6innings, Day 2: 0 innings, Day 3: 2 innings max.
4. Day 1: 2innings, Day 2: 3 innings, Day 3: 3 Innings, Day 4: 0 innings, Day 5: 5 innings max.

Example that only applies to 13u and 14u:

1. Day 1: 7 innings, Day 2: 0 innings, Day 3: 1 Inning, Day 4: 3 Inning, Day 5: 4 Inning max

Any verbal answers received by park staff will still be the responsibility of the coach to make sure he is within the pitching guidelines. It is easy to be confused when talking about pitching. Please use this along with the national USSSA rule book to determine what pitching you have left each day.


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